Workplace design

Our workplace design team are at the core of how we turn insights and ideas into workplaces that can inspire people. We often collaborate with our clients' professional design and project management teams, sharing our insights and expertise to help our customers. We are also able to provide a full interior design and space planning service.

Space planning

Our space planning service enables us to provide environments that make the most efficient use of the space available. Taking into account all of the issues that affect the client, such as staff interaction, new working practices, expansion or restructuring, property costs and changes in technology. Our drawings illustrate the feel of your new space plus layouts showing space allocation, growth opportunity and departmental interaction.

Staff engagement and space analysis

Our design process starts with understanding our customer and its employees. Where possible we supplement discussions with quantitative and qualitative analysis and engagement, using workshops, pop up feedback pods and online surveys. Gathering opinions on the existing workplace and future aspirations of a company and its people help to inform and give insights that help the design process.

Interior design

We produce designs which encompass our clients’ functional and aesthetic needs, complement their organisations’ branding, and fit within their budgets.

From concept designs, through to schematics and detailed drawings, we work closely with the entire project team to ensure that all requirements are addressed and that our designs reflect the latest workplace research

Visualisation and graphic design

Our team use a range of techniques to help visualise and display our designs including: 

  • Graphic design
  • Concept sketches
  • 3d visuals including renders, walkthroughs and 360 panoramic views
  • 3d printed models
  • Virtual Reality models

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