Integrated workplace technology

We can help you to integrate simple but clever technology and collaboration tools with the design and layout of your workspace.

All our solutions are built on three promises:

  • We provide technology that is fit for purpose, innovative and provides as much future proofing as possible
  • We will provide unbiased advice and system design to meet your business requirements and objectives
  • Our systems deliver the highest levels of engineering standards and quality, backed by our great support

Collaboration technology

integrated workplace technology

Meeting areas are key spaces in any business environment – for communicating, brainstorming, creating and decision-making.


Proportion of time spent in meetings by managers on average.


Proportion of meetings that are unproductive.

Technology can help to make meetings more streamlined and productive. It can help to turn meeting rooms into a place of innovation rather than frustration.

Some of the technologies we can integrate include:
Video and audio conferencing

  • Wireless presenting
  • Large format displays
  • Projection systems
  • Interactive screens and whiteboards
  • Room control systems
  • Audio solutions
  • Wayfinding solutions

Smart meeting room booking systems

Our range of meeting room booking solutions can help you to manage your resources effectively. They can be used to book, manage, schedule and report on meeting rooms, workspaces visitors and other resources.
Combine a resource booking system with room and desk sensors for a really smart solution that optimises space usage:

  • See how each desk, booth, and room in your office is being used
  • Always know when meeting rooms are occupied or available
  • Make sure rooms are automatically available for re-booking if no-one turns up
  • Display live room status data at central locations to make sure your people can always find the space they need

Project management and support

From concept design to installation, we will work closely with you and any partnering trades to ensure that your project is managed professionally and delivered on time.

Post installation we continue to provide support, training and maintenance with various levels of on-site and remote support available.

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