Casper Cloaking Technology

Until now, if you wanted to protect your data, you had to compromise. Smart glass, decorative films, curtains, blinds, walls. Even butcher paper and tape.

Casper cloaking technology is an ingenious new invention – an architectural film for glass walls that obscures digital screens to outside view.

Casper is the perfect confidentiality cloak, obscuring only the light transmitted by large LED displays.

Anyone looking into the room from the outside sees just a black screen, while everyone in the room can work freely with peace of mind.
Privacy in plain sight, now there’s an idea. And it’s going to change the way office space is designed.


Cloak it with Casper, then customise

Casper cloaking technology is installed on the glass inside the room with the display.


How is Casper Cloaking Technology applied

An optional graphic film can be mounted on the outside glass to customise the appearance of the space. These designs were created to bring intimacy to the space without compromising transparency.

There are also six exclusive graphics only available from Steelcase partners.

We do also accept requests for custom patterns, however a minimum order quantity may apply.

Casper can be applied to any clear, smooth glass on new projects or existing glass.

It is recommended for conference rooms, meeting rooms and team studios. It is engineered to work with most LED displays, 40 inches or larger.

For more information on Casper, please contact your IE sales representative or send us your details below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

So how does Casper Cloaking Technology Work?

How does Casper Cloaking Technology work in the UK