About us

We are specialist workplace integrators that plan, create and supply integrated furniture, technology and service solutions for many of the UK's leading organisations.

We work with businesses who want to inspire their people through changes to the working environment.

Businesses who, like us, are willing to embrace change in order to unleash potential. We unleash that potential by championing insight, inspiring new ways of thinking and looking after all our clients’ workspace needs. We help clients envisage change and reach their true potential.

So how do we do this?

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Our starting point is listening because insight comes from understanding.

Gaining clarity on a customer’s needs and ambitions helps us see the bigger picture and champion ‘bigger’ solutions.

We solve problems and inspire change.

We align our ideas, designs and services to address the needs of each individual customer and are highly flexible in our approach as those needs change.


Above all, we are all about creating inspiring and meaningful workplace solutions.

Our team of expert curators and designers understand the most relevant workplace ideas lie in the idea of ‘space beyond products’.

Our client-centric approach allows us to offer great choice through a truly diverse portfolio, featuring both core Steelcase brands and other relevant products.

This flexibility frees us to create bespoke solutions for each individual business. With everything we do fuelled by insight, our ideas act as the catalyst in unleashing the potential of spaces, people and businesses.


With insight you can do everything better.

As part of the Steelcase Group, we have unrivalled access to global trends and world class R&D investment.

Our skill is to ask the questions that help turn these trends into the insight and ideas that add genuine value to client’s businesses. Its the potent combination of global knowledge and local expertise that helps us inspire real change.

It’s the unique combination of our global insights and local expertise that helps us to deliver inspiring and meaningful workplace solutions.

Insightful environments’ team has been super helpful and flexible, selecting the right products, making it work with our budget and even making adjustments once we were using them in earnest in our new office. We love the sit stand desks that make for a healthy and fresh office experience.
— Andreas Rindler @ Bearing Point